This is what we've been up to for the last two weeks. It sure may not look like a lot, but getting shots in the street takes immense amount of work. Find a spot, deal with authorities, push the snow for a couple of hours, find someone to stretch the bungee, hope that the light works out and finally land the trick you wanted to. Like it's said - it ain't easy being Brisse. Shout out to all the friends who helped us pull this off - Sulev Paalo, Reino Kuber, Kert Heinmann, Rauno Rohtmets, Kaili Randmäe, Henri Jürgenstein, Kaia Zupping, Mats-Kaarel Ruus and the mysterious dog owner from Keila! In addition, many thanks to Jürgen for taking photos of one of the street missions.

Riders: Hindrek Väravas, Roland Mik, Ranno Maasikmets, Robert Männa

Cinematography: Priit Palumaa, Reino Kuber

Editing: Priit Palumaa

Animation: Daniel Lepik

Cover photo: Jürgen Voolaid

Kings of Leon - Rememo

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