16mm animation explores scale, synthetics and fantastical landscapes. Special thanks to Chris Sullivan. Made in 2000 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

"Warm Jets" is an exploration of scale, synthetics and fantastical landscape. Inspired by early science fiction cinema and contemporary virtual environments, "Warm Jets" offers a whimsical journey into alternate worlds. In "Warm Jets" a fractured reality of different "sites" exists. The disorienting illusion of place expands or condenses three-dimensional space, and is suggestive of the unreality within reality.

Creating environments from beads, cotton, and many strange shapes of plastic, a playful and mechanical realm of productivity emerges. Using great shifts of scale, the viewer moves between the extremes of traveling through the clouds, to being submerged in a microscopic world of dots. The film attempts to recreate the feeling of weightlessness one feels when watching television, using the Internet or flying on a plane.

The name "Warm Jets" come from an early Brian Eno album which, in its low-fi digital approach, inspired the feeling of the film. The sound design for "Warm Jets" consists of beeps and blips taken from the telephone and other mechanical communication noises. These sounds are the background noises heard throughout our own space- the hum of the computer, the beep of a phone.

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