- NodeJS project structure (client/server assets)
- Tips for building "Rest" Apis (how to get started)
- See the early stages of a "Rest" Api in action
- The concept of “affordance"

Play by Play:
Amir ...
0:00 - explains what was covered in the last few episodes and explains some mistakes that were made in the last episode, and some of the challenges with a dynamically typed system
1:55 - talks about UI automation and the good and bad that comes with it
3:00 - talks about a few UI automation frameworks and shows off Canopy F#’s GitHub page
6:00 - addresses a question by Randy Coulman (@randycoulman) about the difference between npm and bower modules
18:00 - finishes talking about npm and bower modules
18:45 - adds a disclaimer with regards to “Rest” Apis and encourages those that are passionate about rest to give constructive, actionable feedback
21:15 - has ADD and says he’s going to talk about Rest Apis, but instead shows off the NodeJS application he uses to do pomodoros
23:20 - finishes his ramblings and actually starts talking about Rest..he starts off by showing off the GitHub repo for rest-tictactoe and rest-chess (an explanation of the problem domain)
25:00 - shares his thoughts about crafting Rest apis and how to get started
27:17 - gives some insight on how your Rest apis will evolve
29:30 - shows the rest-tictactoe api using curl and a json client (HttpIrb)
32:00 - talks about the importance of having something at “/“ and the concept of “affordance”
33:30 - briefly talks about Rest Api documentation and continues to traverse the tictactoe Rest Api
35:35 - shows of’s Api documentation and talks about crafting documentation for Rest Api
39:45 - shows how his Rest Api uses basic authentication to register a user
42:00 - explains in depth the concept of “affordance”
44:00 - panics because he’s run out of disk space, summarizes the screencast and some key concepts that were covered
45:50 - talks about how his screencasts are different than the other screencasts out there

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