Washington, DC - Earlier on Tuesday, Syria’s Kurds achieved what once used to be a dream: an autonomous government in northern Syria.

After being suppressed brutally by the Syrian government for decades, the move will mean a Kurdish government similar to the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq will be in charge of most affairs in Syrian Kurdistan, also known as Rojava.

But unlike Iraqi Kurdistan, Rojava virtually enjoys no regional or international support. There are even tensions between Syrian Kurds and their brethren in Iraq.

So can Rojava last in such an environment- surrounded by hostile enemies?

Meantime, world powers are convening in Switzerland for the so-called Geneva II peace conference, which seems to be the only hope at the moment to do something about Syria’s three-year-civil war, which has cost at least 130,000 lives. Millions others are displaced.

Can Geneva II conference succeed and bring about peace for Syrians?

Rudaw's Namo Abdulla will discuss this matter with:

- Patrick Christy, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy initiative.
- Brian Becker, the director of the Answer Coalition, an anti-war none profit group in Washington, DC.
- Ari Ratner, a fellow at Truman National Security Project, joins us. He previously held positions at the State Department and the White House.

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