Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC/CLIPS USED! This is made purely for fun.

PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING! This is a Sherlock/Star Trek AU!

Sherlock jumps off of the roof Bart's but DOES NOT survive. There is no spectacular escape plan formed by Sherlock or Mycroft. Sherlock dies. Heartbroken by the loss of his brother, Mycroft convinces a special branch of the British government to allow him to basically put his brother on ice until the technology arrives to bring him back. During the 3rd world war Sherlock's body is lost for a time but then discovered under the streets of a London archive. Admiral Marcus realizes who Sherlock is and he and his team of scientists awaken Sherlock and give him the identity of Khan. Marcus lies to Sherlock telling him his friend John Watson is also in ice and so are all of Sherlock's closest friends. Still confused and delirious from not only being dead for hundreds of years but also from the emotional trauma of the situation Sherlock agrees to help Marcus on his quest for war. When Sherlock finally escapes and tries to find his friends in this strange future, Marcus tells him they're all dead and never were frozen with Sherlock to begin with.

Enraged and heartbroken Sherlock goes on a rampage when he his captured by Captain Kirk who, after hearing Sherlock's story, agrees to help him take Marcus down. Together they form a strange friendship but even after Kirk helps Sherlock have his revenge, Kirk must return Sherlock to Earth to stand trial for what he did at Starfleet HQ. Sherlock understands and goes peacefully. But... is this the end of the story?

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