Marketing on Facebook has changed. It used to be that you could build a Facebook fan page and invite people and do promotions to grow that fan page, and then be able to distribute your information to those fan pages.

But a lot has been changing on Facebook, as they’re trying to monetize the site and drive more revenue. One of the things that they’re doing at Facebook is they are decreasing the reach of the fan page postings. So whereas, you may have been able to reach 500 people before through just putting a status update on your fan page, now you may be able to only reach 50.

What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to get you to buy ads and sponsor posts and things like that. Now, the good news is that advertising on Facebook is really cheap. So you can get a lot of click throughs to dedicated landing pages or wherever you want to send these click throughs to for very little money.

So Facebook is a very effective channel if you’re going to have a fan page, and in addition, spend a couple of bucks marketing because you’re going to get a very low cost per lead.

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