SMARTFUEL HHO Wholesale and Installation - Water as Fuel Hydrogen generator gas

1 Liter Water per 1000 km or Pay less for 1 litre of petrol or diesel only 0.99 Euro. Suitable for all vehicles HHO dry cell kit set, 30A/60A PWM pulse with modulator automatic power schedule, HEC CHIP, MAF/MAP sensor enhancer for modern diesel common rail trucks.

Here is a list with all information, video and photo gallery links for installation HHO KIT and LED light bars. Enjoy watching!

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Switch to best fuel saver up to 50% of fuel:
- Your fuel costs low price €0,69-€0.99
- Increase power 50%!
- Increase Fuel Mileage!
- Fill up 1L water for 1000 km!
- Fast amortization!
- Upgrade for all vehicles and accessories!
- Clean engine and less carbon 70%!
- Petrol and Diesel engines are available for upgrade!
- Less smoke from exhaust 50%!
- Clean energy as hydrogen HHO gas!

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