Home yoga practice - it's awesome and everyone's getting into it, right?

But you know what's missing?

A teacher. That's what.

I mean, at the end of the studio class, you can always go up to the yoga teacher and ask whatever burning question is on your mind.

But when you practice yoga at home? Who you going to ask?

Me, that's who - Kara-Leah Grant and author of Forty Days of Yoga - Breaking down the barriers to a home yoga practice.

Yep, every week or two, I'll be selecting a reader question to answer on video, and sending out a new article. That way, not only can you get your question answered personally, but other people can benefit from the answer.

Because in the end, if you have that question, it's likely that thousands of other people have that same question.

This week's home yoga practice question comes from Catherine in India. She says:

"I have practiced yoga for many years and for the last 6 months have been doing a regular home practice. However last month I had an MRI scan due to persistent backache and discovered that I have a slipped disc. My doctor has asked me to stop yoga - forward bends are a definite no - and his opinion is that I should walk and swim as exercise (which I have been doing).

My back pain has gone after rest. I still practice pranayama and meditation but I miss asanas whilst also being incredibly wary of making my back worse. Are you aware of any sequences I can do that avoids forward bends, strong backbends, and generally keeps my spine straight?"

Watch the video to find out how I responded.

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