An epic Scandinavian fairytale of trust and betrayal, poverty and riches, and a Great White Bear with a secret. From ancient forests to great palaces, East of the Sun, West of the Moon is programme music for a modern audience told using instruments from Europe and Eastern Asia. This presentation comes with stunning illustrations by Ben Hodges.

Track titles:

1) Whispers on the Winter Wind

Chapter I:
2) A Simple Home In A Distant Wood
3) Daughter - A Father's Treasure with Golden Hair
4) And Along Came a Great White Bear
5) The Bear's Proposition to Father
6) The Beckoning of Eternal Riches
7) Daughter Yields and Takes Her Leave

Chapter II:
8) Journey to the Great Bear's Palace
9) Lavished
10) Alone (I): An Empty Existence

Chapter III:
11) Homecoming
12) A Mother's Prerogative
13) Inquiring Minds (A Prince Revealed)
14) Taken in a Tempest
15) Alone (II): A Dauntless Heart

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