Welcome to the West


(Performed by Jasmine Wietzke and Chris Bazinet)

This was the first time these two met – luckily its cold outside, giving them something to discuss before playing. Introductions were secondary to actually finding the location to film. First, everyone paraded into the pick ‘n’ pull auto merchants before being shunned for their no camera policy. So we scrapped that and climbed a fence into an even cooler junkyard – one that had a giant trailer with the “Live Bees” emblazoned on its side.

Jasmine’s music and style embodies angst riddled, early 90s grunge – a time which many believe to be the last relevant era of tunes (right before the late 90s and early 2000s nearly ruined everything). Dreadlocks, lip piercing, hoodie, skate shoes – we are all a part of this. Plus, don’t you think Chris looks like a woodsy version of Ray Charles?


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