Jubilee Rijksstudio Rijksmuseum, curator: Shailoh Phillips
Museumnacht 2013, curator: Amber van der Chijs

Download your portrait made in the Rijksmuseum:


Your face as a tangible interface
In ‘Master Touch’ you make your face visible on a big screen by touching your face. By caressing your own face you ‘paint’ your face on a large electronic screen. On the screen your face appears and merges slowly with portraits of the Rijksmuseum collection.
Merge your face with master pieces from the Rijksmuseum collection, for example a portrait of Rembrandt or van Gogh. Together with the Old Masters you compose a new portrait here and now. In an a sensitive, playful and innovative way you open up the collection and make it personal.

'Master Touch' is an innovative way to open up data from the digital museum collection; and to present and visualize these for an audience. The artists research perception theories from among others Laura U. Marks on ‘Haptical an Optical Visualisation’. With your face as an interface, 'Master Touch' connects face-recognition-technologies with the intimate and emotional act of face caressing.

How does it feel to become visible on the screen by touching your face? And what is the difference between watching a painting on a distance, and 'watching through touching' in Master Touch? Can you watch through the act of touching?

Master Touch Ritual: 1. START the camera to make a portrait of your face - 2. CARESS YOUR FACE AND and ‘paint’ it this way on the big screen. Caress slowly, take your time, as if you caress your lovers’ face. - 3. SAVE to merge your face with the Old Masters’ portrait.

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