Big Data in the Sales World - Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Real Revenue Results
- by Deborah-Anna Reznek (ClearSlide Manager, Business Intelligence Team)

ClearSlide's Deborah-Anna Reznek speaks about big data in the sales world and using predictive analytics to drive revenue results.

About the Talk: Big Data is Silicon Valley's hottest ticket right now, but the key to success is creating applications that drive real impact on a business's revenue numbers. Deborah-Anna explains the work being done at ClearSide to bring predictive analytics to the world of sales. Through data science, we can learn which sales activities really drive higher close rates and more revenue. Deborah-Anna also talks about the team of developers, statisticians and analysts that you need to move from data to results.

About the Speaker: Deborah-Anna Reznek leads the Business Intelligence team at ClearSlide. The team is responsible for predictive analytics in support of the product and for internal projects. The team spans data science, data infrastructure, modeling, reporting and dashboarding. Prior to ClearSlide, Deborah-Anna has more than 10 years experience working on complex analytical problems at Hewlett-Packard, Logitech and Deloitte. Her past work includes customer demand forecasting, inventory optimization, network analysis and energy derivatives pricing.

ClearSlide is an integrated engagement platform transforming the way sales people engage customers on the phone, through email or in person. ClearSlide provides an easy-to-use unified solution, which replaces cumbersome systems like WebEx and email attachments.

Date: January 21, 2014

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