This film was a timed trial film challenge, it was written, filmed, edited, and outputted in 48 hours for The Producer's Guild of America Weekend Shorts Challenge.

The assignment was given to us on Friday at 2pm and had to be written, filmed, edited, and outputted by Sunday at 5pm.

The Assignment:

Genre must be: Romantic Comedy

Setting must be: in a restaurant or car

The Required Thematic element: "An unlikely couple" or "Hero vs Anti-Hero"

Required Props: (Minimum of 3 must be used) We used 4
Neck Tie
Credit Card

Required: One of the five props must be central to the story-We used Flowers

This was THEE hardest one for us to write so far.

We tried, started over, tried again, started to get a little panicky, all of us admitting later that we had begun to wonder if we could come up with a story. Finally, got it done at 4am.
Still ended up having Shannon Rutkowski recognize that we were missing something, she wrote the entire Surf Shop scene on the fly.

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