Snow has started falling in Sweden and is now covering the ground where we normally ride, but that doesn´t stop me or my friends from getting some time on our bikes. During the winter we have a few ways to keep on riding, one is "Start digging", which I don´t really have the time to do, an other one is "Go inside!". I started riding bmx last winter just to be able to stay on two wheels when the ground was covered with snow, and at first I wondered what I´d gotten myself into, but now, one year later, I´m feeling more and more comfortable on the bike and can´t wait to go riding again!

Since last year I´ve started to get to know a few local bmx riders and Nils Tjärnström is definitely a one that stood out. He is a guy that I have a lot in common with, but we are also very different. He is quite a risk taker while I´m one of those who might take a step back from hitting a big jump without checking it out first, the thing that we have in common is our passion for cycling. His dream is to ride bmx for a living and mine is to ride downhill for a living, so we both know that we have to put our heart and soul into training if we want to make it somewhere. I decided to help him out, as much as I could, just to get him one step closer to his dream and this is hopefully making things a little bit easier for him.
Song: LA Calling by Crystal Fighters
Video and edit: Gustaf Schröder
Contact: +46703648171 or
Rider: Nils Tjärnström
Contact: +46722183718

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