puckababy.com - Safe & easy swaddling with Puckababy The Original® Piep.
Winner of the Baby Innovation Award!
A one-of-a-kind sleeping bag for newborns, helping you to create a healthy sleeping and feeding rhythm for your baby.
A wonderful alternative to tight swaddling. Puckababy’s Original Piep is not too tight, not too warm and has proven effective. Suitable for 0-3 months.

Puckababy The Original® Piep is wrapped around your baby like a safe little cocoon.
It helps when your baby cries a lot, cannot fall asleep easily or wakes up often.
Particularly in the first six months, a baby can make a lot of uncontrolled arm movements, which causes restlessness or makes him wake up often.
The little cocoon offers trust, warmth and security, without compromising on a healthy development of the baby’s body.
Moreover, it is not warm and so easy to use that anyone can do it!

Puckababy The Original is available in 2 sizes: Piep (0-3 months) and Mini (3-6 months).
The zippers in the sleeves of the Mini, designed to phase down swaddling, are unique.
It allows for a smooth transition from swaddling to sleeping normally.

This swaddling bag is a modern alternative to traditional swaddling, but without any risks attached. Traditional swaddling is very tight, often too warm, hard to master and therefore unsafe. Most of the time, parents do not feel comfortable with it.
Swaddling has become very easy with this swaddling bag. And it looks great as well!
The Original Piep is recommended by many experts because of its effectiveness and the ease of use.

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