I've Forgotten, 2013
Chong Wai, Isaac

I've forgotten. I've forgotten when I was in my mother's womb. I've forgotten the day when the picture was taken. I've forgotten there was a big doll which was used to stay with us. I think... I've forgotten.

I am trying to find out the memory when I was still in the womb of my mum. I filmed a photo which is the only photo of us. I describe the photo in the video by using my mother tongue - Cantonese, at the end I say "I've forgotten." This is an exploration of my forgotten memories, the traces of my past, the space that I was being and the world "I have never ever seen."

After I've done this video, I asked my mum why there was a big doll, she said she got this doll by my dad because he was working so much and didn't have time to see us, probably, once or twice a week, that is the reason why he brought us a big doll so that my mum won't feel alone. In this work, I know the past of mine, a part of my life which i had never heard, it's kind of new memory of my life that I don't remember.

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