This is a collection of rigs and animations that I have created.

1. The mechanical cat rig was supplied to CGSociety for a rigging challenge and I took it on as it wasn't a simple translation in joint rotation to part movement. It has proven a great challenge to get all of the correct movements working.
2. This is a more advanced rig with full squash and stretch, IKFK, and a facial rig controlled by individual points and blendshaped curves. I built this from the ground up using techniques I picked up on my own and by doing tutorials online.
3. Among the lessons in my animation class was setting up a facial rig using blendshapes.
4. The dragon was modeled and rigged by me. It is a low poly model with a simple rig mainly to test out the wings which I used nCloth for.
5. The run and jump sequence was for my CG animation class. Using a supplied low poly character, I added a simple rig based on the requirements and animated this sequence.
6. For the same class, this character was supplied for our final in rigging. The walk cycle was used to demonstrate that it worked.
7. I wanted to test animating body movements so I setup this scene of a person climbing onto a mechanical vehicle with no clear way of getting in.
8. At the end is a quick animation for my 2D animation class.

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