The Love Revolution is a step by step plan to unite humanity to beat the banksters through producer issued, monetary reform.

Hour Money barter scrip is free just like barter. Any producer can issue it so it's anti-monopoly. It's inflation free as one Hour is a fixed unit value equal to an unskilled workers pay.

Hour Money is abundant so we can finance social programs without violating the Non-Aggression Principle(NAP)
Rather than stealing from "Peter to pay Paul" we issue new money. New money is production based and issued just like a restaurant owner issues a gift certificate. Producers NOT parasitic bankers or government issue the money.

Hour Money is issued locally, but can be spent globally in its virtual form know as LETS or Time Banks. Hour units of money are internationally known and equal value just like a kilometer, mile, inch, gallon etc.

Music credit: Wandering Monks "Monay vs Energy"

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