Local Directory Listings

This is Dave
He found your business on Google Plus Local, but the listing was blank and didn’t provide any details about your company … so he moved on to another company’s listing, which was complete.

This is Jeff
He was curious to see what other people have to say about your business, so he decided to check out your Yelp listing while using his mobile device
There were 2 positive reviews and 7 negative reviews – and there were no responses from you addressing the negativity, so he moved on to a more reputable company’s listing.

This is Sharon
She went to Yahoo Local to find businesses that offer your type of product or service, and your company listing didn’t come up at all…So of course, she ended up doing business with one of your competitors too.

Any way you cut it, an unclaimed and unverified local business listing is bad for business. Are you finally ready to speak for yourself, control your online identity, and manage your online reputation?

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Advertising has gone mobile have you?
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