Various conceptual space animations created in response to a NASA science animation fellowship posting. Generated over roughly two weeks in my spare time. All content created by me unless otherwise noted. To meet application deadline, various third party plug-ins were implemented in After Effects in lieu of Maya particle systems and ray trace rendering for more flexible and speedy look development, manageable render times, and native compositing. Breakdown is as follows:

Shot 1: White Dwarf Goes Supernova.
Created natively within After Effects, no third party plug-ins. A simple CC Sphere with a fractal noise comp for the star texture and fractal noise for the cloud of radiation and nebular

Shot 2: Dead Planet and Asteroid Field
Created in After Effects using Element 3D and Optical Flares. Planet, asteroids and textures are not my work, they are included in the starter pack. Scene layout, lighting and compositing are my work.

Shot 3: Orion MPCV Approaching Earth
Orion MPCV modeled and UV mapped in Maya and textured in Photoshop. Layout, animation, rendering, and compositing handled in After Effects using Element 3D, Optical Flares and Magic Bullet Looks.

Shot 4: Orion Descent, Crew Module Release
Layout, animation, and rigging in After Effects using Element 3D. Engine thrust created using Trapcode Particular. Earth texture borrowed from public domain via Tom Patterson at

Shot 5: Orion Crew Module Re-entry
Model imported into After Effects via Element 3D. Flames and atmospheric particles created with Trapcode Particular.

Shot 6: Milky Way Galaxy
Created in After Effects using Trapcode Form and Optical Flares. Base model created in Maya.

Shot 7: Our Solar System
Solar system rig created using Element 3d and numerous group nulls in After Effects. planetary paths created with Trapcode Particular from light emitters parented to planet control nulls. Planet textures borrowed from public domain via Michal Franc/ Chyne Domy at

Shot 8: Orion Turntable/ Breakdown
A turntable displaying my Orion MPCV model in wireframe, ambient, color and specular along with reference imagery, UV maps and texture maps.

Shot 9: Rotating Black Hole
A super-massive, superfast rotating black hole feeding off a neighboring star and emitting radiation. Created in After Effects using Element 3D for the black hole and star. Trapcode Form for the spinning mass and Particular for the mass being pulled from the star and the radiation burst from the center. Optical Flares used for lighting.

Shot 10: Coronal Mass Ejection
The Sun taking a shot at Earth, luckily the Earth's magnetic field is there to shield it. Created in After Effects. Element 3D used for the Sun, Earth and Moon, Trapcode particular for the solar flare, Trapcode form for the magnetic field, and Optical Flares for the lighting.

Background Music: Radiohead- All I Need. I do not own the rights to this music, it is intended solely as ambience/mood enhancement.

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