Kathy is another great inspiration in my series about everyday people who have had "contact" with a greater Loving Intelligence that transformed their lives. For years Kathy led a dangerous and disconnected life in Los Angeles, California, and finally reached the bottom. After an 18-hour screaming match with God, the Devil, and a gun to her head with intent to end it all, she heard a voice respond, "I'm sorry..." Welcome to excerpts of my recent conversation with Kathy Kelley who now resides in Ohio, USA. Everything is different now, but it took a lot of courage to look into the mirror and remember who she is, and the Love that she was connected to all along.

Music, "Under the Sun", by Eileen Meyer

It began here: adaptingtograce.com/2014/01/02/an-invitation-to-the-starseeds/ (There is a donate link on this page if you would like to employ me to share the stories of the truth of who we are and the field of consciousness that we are awakening into. I can do this in a documentary film, web series, or continue posting here. Those of us who are speaking out now are simply the frontrunners. Soon ALL of us will remember, and getting the word out is a vital piece to this project. After all, what better "experts in the field" would you like to hear from? Thank you.) EM Meyer

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