Broken Nails is a short film about a woman who finds strength in her own femininity despite living in a society that deems "feminine" and "strong" as two mutually exclusive terms.

Cissy Tomaszweski is a woman disconnected. From her body, from the world, even from herself. She makes a living throwing amateur boxing matches and stripping in high-end clubs frequented by businessmen who always want more than they should.

But when Cissy is approached by Spring, a young and naive dancer at the club who wants help with an unwanted pregnancy, Cissy's reminded of a past she's tried hard to forget. Her self-destructive tendencies threaten to spiral out of control as the two worlds that she walks in collide.

Cissy's story is an important one. It's about a woman at war with her own body. While navigating her own womanhood she finds within herself a strength that is not forceful and masculine, but enduring and inherently feminine. This is what makes Cissy special. She's not the usual "tough girl" you see in movies: a frown-faced girl in a ponytail ready to punch the first boy that likes her. Masculinity isn't the only way she can express her strength, but it is an option. There is a dearth of characters like this in film and we believe this is an opportunity to show how compelling these characters are.

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