What's a sky without an eagle's wings spread across it? What's a child who never gets to see one?

What do art students do to keep eagles flying high, wild and free? They draw Editorial Cartoons that get eyes opened to the plight of our wildlife on CNN iReport and all major websites.

In the Ucartoonit Art Project, Students create action-getting editorial cartoons to draw attention to what threatens their environment.

The most fun drawing that kids can have is cartooning – especially while hitting the viewer with humor, irony, wit and satire – to get folks to keep the earth livable for kids to play out their lives. See the excitement when students come up with cartoons that can hit a nerve.

See the animated movies and editorials that inspire student cartoons, the drawing boards and editorial cartooning tips, and the Ucartoonit Editorial Cartoons now being broadcast – at ucartoonit.com.

Where students' editorial cartoons go to work:
CNN iReport, FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Flickr,
Twitpic, Vimeo and a growing number of sites.

Ucartoonit Art Project is free to students and art teachers and staff will assist in customizing art lessons for class needs.

Commercial use permissions & licenses
Music license: Song Title: Betamax Defender and the Vinyl Kid by C.P.Bryan
Sound effects license: soundbible.com/royalty-free-sounds-1.html
Cartoon art property of Ucartoonit
Video writing and production by UCartoonIt staff artists

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