This is Cinematic Tide. We tell stories.
An impossible task to fit over 40 weddings into less than 4 minutes!

Poem written by Andrew Dickson
Read by Daniel Saunders

Editor: Sam, Jill
Shot by: Craig, Jill, Danielle and Sam.

Thanks to all the amazing couples, photographers, and the people whom we met over the last few years! :)


A thousand frames of love
by Andrew Dickson

A thousand frames of love
Don’t think of them as a moment.

Don’t think of this as where it ends.

This is a peak.
A pinnacle that points to everything that has been and will be.
This is where the sun rises
Where smiles transfix in lover’s faces
As generations come together.

This love is not a passing tide,
A wave to wash up on the beach and leave.
It knows no bounds,
it knows no limit.

Light the fires
Sing the songs-
a love is here to be shared.

Take us to the heights.
Take us to the depths.
Let us share the joy of the sunrise
and the promise of a bright tomorrow.
Let us see the stories of courageous love,
that does not bend or falter.
Take us with you.
and we will bring you back again.
All of you.
From the first tear to the last laugh.

A thousand frames of love.
Don’t think of them as one moment.
This is the beginning of forever.

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