When you think of delicious cakes and pastries, the last place you'd think they are made from scratch is in a jail bakery. But that's what's happening right now at the East Mesa Re-Entry Facility in Otay Mesa.

Some inmates there are learning valuable baking skills that will help them find a job once they are released from custody. Watch this news report from NBC 7 on the Baking & Pastry Program and how it's making a positive difference in the lives of these inmates.

The six-month-long culinary program focuses on commercial baking and pastry skills, as well as bread art. Inmates learn how to knead dough for mass production or a smaller scale such as a mom and pop shop or pizzeria.

At the end of the program, inmates must pass a national sanitation exam. They will also receive a certificate from Grossmont Adult Education listing all their skills and the equipment they know how to use.

The goal of the program is to help inmates acquire work experience that might help keep them out of jail in the future.

To see photos from the Baking & Pastry Program, visit: goo.gl/g5R7Tc.

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