The original Harley Davidson FXR Death Machine or 98 Inch Stroker Black Death owned by Mickey Rourke served as the template for the Film FXLR 80 Inch Evolution in most of the Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Film as a stunt bike for low passes.

The specs for the California Design drag handlebars on the Marlboro Man bike is 29 inches, which makes the two inch Rick Doss mirror very cool to look at but, nevertheless, not conducive to see the rear flanks let alone who is not paying attention and coming up fast from behind.

Mentor Bail Bonds turned to Modern Bounty Hunter, Rex Venator, who is considered a small business problem solver and problem solver in general as is required for a successful bounty hunter.

Rex, an avid fan of the Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man Film, served as the technical advisor on the Mentor Project bike build.

A solution was identified with the first Helmet to allow a rider to see directly behind by way of the Reevu FSX1 Helmet’s unique rear view mirror mounted inside the helmet.

So, on the counsel of Rex, Mentor procured a FSX1 Reevu Helmet. Rex was then quick to send the Reevu helmet to his trusted custom airbrush painter, Daneen who owns and operates Custom Paint by Daneen.

In this video, a stunning collaboration between Modern-Day Bounty Hunter Rex Venator’s vision and a visionary Airbrush Artist’s design resulted in the radical combination of Reevu’s stunning technology meshed with the timeless beauty that is the all-time iconic bike known to modern cinema as the Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man bike that now has a symbiotic partner in the Reevu rearview helmet.

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