"Please bring me a brandy, Elizabeth ... my husband is dying in the next room."

THE BLUE LADY, a revisionist story about a family's history since slavery, from a female point of view.

Monologue by the white mistress of the great great great great great great great grandmother, the original owner of the incomplete soul - The Blue Lady. She speaks to the Negro slave who raised her as she listens to the screams of her husband who is dying in the next room.

The Blue Lady, a "ghost" who is the protagonist of this story.

The description of the first ancestor by The Blue Lady: "The one who started this incomplete soul, this ghost that I am, still waiting for completion since the 1740's when South Carolina made it illegal for slaves to even grow food for themselves, was a slave who was the great great great great great great great grandmother of my human. This ancestor was the exact same age as the master's daughter and was her playmate. South Carolina also had made it illegal for Negro slaves to learn to read, and the master beat the ancestor to a pulp when she was only 7 years old because he found out her 7 year old mistress had taught her how to read. Having been abused herself, this ancestor beat her son (the great great great great great great) on a regular basis and he in turn was an abuser."

The Blue Lady is the story of a family who carries the "boogeyman" of their childhood around all their life. But it's not a boogeyman - it's the "Blue Lady," a photophobic, ghostlike creature.

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