Animography Monthly No. 2 - 'For Beginners'
Animography Monthly is a monthly recurring animation project to explore the use of animated typefaces. The second edition is done by dynamic duo Leo Romanski & Joao Coutinho. The two have known eachother for a while and took on this project as a chance to see what they can make together. The typeface has been the leading factor for the style of the video. This ensured a seamless result. Inspiration came from the proces of making the video itself, making it feel like some kind of manual in the end.

"We never really collaborated on a project before, but everything went quite naturally. We wrote the script, I composed the song while leo started sketching and animating some stuff, and then we animated the whole thing and put it together. The way we were going to use the typeface was one of the last things we decided, but as the video felt like a manual, we decided to convey the idea of a book through the typeface, making it the center of the whole thing." — Joao Coutinho
Design & Animation: Leo Romanski & Joao Coutinho
Animated Typeface: Amelie by Shabello
Music: Leo Romanski & Joao Coutinho
The animated typeface in this animation is available on
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