Attention! This is a guide only for if you want the VERY EXPERIMENTAL and POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS autoboot version of the Magic Lantern Beta 2.0.3.
I was very pleased with the results, although there are some bugs that need to be fixed. Every time the camera goes to "Auto power off", I had to set the RAW video resolution again. The camera reset it to 0x0 (see the screen picture in my blog -
I'm used to "zoom in" the image before I start shooting, so I can get a sharp focus. Well... Forget about that for now...The camera crash every time I tryed that, freezing the image... looks like a Windows critical
The free data space indicator, along with the time clock can be very usefull, but they insist to show over all the Canon menus (picture).
You must have some skills to instal the ML Alpha 2 in your camera. For me it looks like a genuine hacker operation! (It is, in fact). You will not simply download a file and put in your CF card. Well if you want to know more about it, check it out the tutorial here:
Crazy isnt it? It took me a whole afternoon to get the things working. It worth!
When you finished, you don't get exactly a movie archive as I though. So here it goes another laborious task. What you get is a bunch of RAW photos encapsuled in a single and unrecognizable file. You will need to get a program to transform this file into DNG files, where now you can color grade this images. In my case, I use Adobe bridge to pick one frame, give the proper color treatment by double clicking and opening the Camera RAW 7.0. Once you get satisfied with that, save it, return to Adobe Bridge, select all the frames and right click the "Develop setings/previous conversion" command. Then you need to transform the DNG files into something that your video editing program can recognize. Select all the DNG files in Bridge once again and goes to menu/tools/photoshop/image precessor. There you can choose how to convert this files in to tiff or jpeg were you can import as "image sequence" in Adobe Premiere. Viva! You finally get your RAW footage!
You can export as AVI uncompressed file, so you don't lose any information at all. But this 2 minute footage get a massive 5 gigabyte file. Then I decided to go for a H.264 with the maximum bit rate possible. and get a lightweight 223mb file.

Many thanks to my friend Neco and his dog Ringo!
Canon 7D (2.0.3 firmware)
Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4 Planar lens
Song: "Dishonest" by Wooden Ambulance (

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