Zagreb October 1996


Museum of Contemporary Art, Trg sv. Katarine 2: Exhibition & Performances:

Architects Society, Trg bana Jelacica 3: Symposium & Screenings



Oct, 5th

18-19 Opening exhibition - (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Jean Francois Guiton, Werner Klotz, Piet-Jan Blauw, Jawek Kwakman, Kain Karawahn, Heiko Daxl, Rotraut Pape, Sanja Ivekovic, Gerard Couty, GIO, Kurt Hofstetter, Antal Lux

19-20 Performance - Liberty of Firecreatures, Kain Karawahn

Oct, 6th

18-20 Artists Presentation (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Brandsätze, Kain Karawahn

Performance - Piet-Jan Blauw, Jawek Kwakman (Museum of Contemporary Art)

20-22 Video program 1 (Club of Architects)

Retrospective, Jean Francois Guiton - Holzstücke, 1982; Fußnote, 1985; La tache, 1985; Une question de souffle, 1988; Coup de vent, 1990; Das schwarze Loch, 1991; Da rapani, 1992; Voyages, 1994

Oct, 7th

16-18 Symposium (Club of Architects)

Electronic music in Croatia, Stanko Jusbasic, Studio for Electro-Acustic Music, Akademie der Künste Berlin, Christian Kneisel, Gerd Rische

18-20 Symposium (Club of Architects) Moving Moments - Pendel, Kurt Hofstetter, Art of Radio - Radio Bellevue Lyon, Gerard Couty

20-22 Video program 2 (Club of Architects) Veit-Lup - Vortex, 24 Hours Berlin, Signalisieren ins Nowhere Land , Maria Vedder - Der Herzschlag des Anubis, 1988; Shut up, 1989/90

Oct, 8th

16-18 Symposium (Club of Architects)Computer Graphic in Croatia, V.Æiljak , Internet and CD ROM in the context of Architecture, Jonathan Moberly - ellipsis, V.S. Video Forum Ljubljana, Eva Rohrman

18-20 Video program 3 (Club of Architects)Nicht nur Wasser, Rotraut Pape - Rauchnächte, 1990; Du hast kein Herz, 1992; Nicht nur Wasser, 1995

Sand Collectors, Neven Korda & Zemira Alajbegovic

20-22 Video program 4 (Club of Architects)Video Art Multimedia Berlin, Berlin Collection

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