Life is earth singing, dancing and painting. Life is constant renewal and a never-ending source of divine creativity, always flowing and growing, and expanding, like the fractal nature of the universe.
Through this performance we honour the Sacred Feminine connecting to its essence through our creative essence, through movement, visuals and music.
Our intention is to create a meditative journey through the organic cycles of the earth and of the sacred feminine: the feminine cycle, pregnancy and birth, life cycles - virgin, mother, crone, life and death.
In a "trialogue" beyond words, we express in Unisson the music of the movement, the movement of the music, the music of nature, the nature of music, the connection between the geometry and mathematics of nature and the patterns of life channeled directly through our creative expression, adding layers of music and art throughout our performance, in an organic way, letting the pulse of life be the rhythm of our changes.

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