My older brother David and his wife Danae live in Boulder, CO.

On January 28, 2014, Danae at 35 weeks pregnant, slipped on some ice and bruised her belly. She was taken to the hospital in Boulder and had an emergency C-section.

Baby Oliva, showing signs of an irregular heart-beat, labored breathing and abnormal brain activity, was life-flighted alone by helicopter to Denver Children's Hospital. Danae, still being treated in Boulder, was separated for a few days from Olivia and only able to see her through FaceTime. David drove back and forth to Denver to be with Olivia. My mom immediately attempted to catch the first flight out of Atlanta but was locked down by weather.

Additionally, as is our greatest concern at the moment, is that Olivia is showing signs of “rocker bottom feet” and abnormal hand movements that may be consistent with the indication of the abnormal brain activity. These conditions are not thought to be caused by the fall but typically discovered around the 20 week ultra-sound…which my brother & sister did not have due to lack of insurance at that time.

This whole thing is blowing our minds, breaking our hearts and bringing us to our knees in prayer of intercession for our little niece.

We know that the Lord knows all things and is above all things and has His own purpose. But we are not satisfied to let Him alone and are asking Him to fill His purpose and restore Olivia to health and fill them with His peace.

Additional updates can be found here:

Dave & Danae also have 2 sons, Oscar (age 5) & Wells (age 3). Olivia is their first daughter. Will you please pray with us for Dave & Danae, their two boys Oscar & Wells and especially for baby Olivia?

Uncle Mike

** Update. On February 10, 2014, Olivia went home to be with Jesus. Another video was created for her memorial service and can be found here:

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