Gaastdiep - A sailors' film

documentary, 16mm to DigiBeta, color, 47 minutes, Polish with German subtitles,
Germany 2002

A cargo ship
built in Romania
running under the flag of Gibraltar
administrated by a German shipowner
bearing the Dutch name Gaastdiep
is home to Polish sailors.
They travel between France and Portugal.
They ship wood.
It is autumn.

The documentary follows the life of three sailors on board of the cargo ship 'Gaastdiep'. They work hard, clean, renew the paint. There is little time left for private activities. Space is limited and even when at land they seldom leave the harbour. Janusz, Fatso and Tomek have been on board for six months and developed a friendship. Then the contracts of Fatso and Tomek end and they leave the ship. The Gaastdiep and Janusz take off. If they will ever meet again remains uncertain.

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