"The design process is essentially a process of subtraction, organization, and emphasis" Leon Paternoster

My goal is to create thoughtfully designed and constructed products. With a focus on textiles and an emphasis on simplicity, it is my belief that well made products can be transformative and offer higher quality of life. The most universal design involves the least amount of elements.

Using only the highest quality materials, my desire is to create clothing and accessories that are timeless and universal in both design and construction. I see these pieces enduring for generations.


Jack/Knife Outfitters is a small batch production house that specializes in the manufacturing and sale of single needle construction jeans, shirts, jackets, and other clothing goods. Our focus is quality - in materials, construction, design, and working conditions - to ensure we're offering our customers the best product on the market.

Jack/Knife is committed to in-house "start to finish" production, growing our production, staff, sales, and product offerings internally to meet our goals and accommodate increasing demand. We refuse to outsource because we love our product, our work, and our community.

We believe in investing in our community by creating and cultivating skillset based jobs and fostering a strong, transparent relationship with our customers. From documenting and sharing our process to providing public access to our studio and micro mill, we want our customers involved.

Jack/Knife is determined to redefine the environment of clothing manufacturing in the United States.

- Jack/Knife


Filmed & Edited By:
Jarod Taber

Additional Filming & Photographs By:
Evan Collisson
Justin Yee (Time-lapse Photographs)

Michael Daniels

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