Liveset @ HetNutshuis, Test Extra:Tele-li(f/v)e
Setup: Gong, Benjolin, 16 step sequencer, 4096 nand noise machine, 555 timer, Supercollider+midi controllers.
projection and film by Thijs Geritz

At this event, the gong is projected in the main hall, separated from the performing space without a sound or with a very short fragment of the sound from the performance, and the audience could perceive differently between the projection and what they actually see from the performance, as to control the gong, it needs a very small amount of the movement, yet the sound is quite noisy.

"This edition of Test Extra provides a podium for the world as we experience it, increasingly via a screen. A time where we are bombarded with images and the border between recorded and "real" is becoming increasingly vague, demands playful intervention between these two sides. That is the ambition of of this live-event that reflects on a life where the 'tele'(ancient greek for 'far') is always near and vice versa. Get ready for ongoing performances and unusual meetings with your daily media-fied reality!

This edition of Test Extra was compiled by Het Nutshuis in association with Random Creations - Studio for empowerment and trivialization of the contemporary. It features performances by composer Ji Youn Kang, performance artist Gaby Felten, artist Ronald Schelfhout and performers from the Rotterdam-based ensemble, Trickster.

Test Extra in Het Nutshuis is compiled by young composers, visual artists and other live art-makers. They spend an evening experimenting with the rooms in Het Nutshuis. Sound, performance, dance and multimedia for adventurous visitors. TEST Extra, 6 times a year in Het Nutshuis."

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