The second exhibit by Eva Busevich at the FotoLoft gallery is yet another pun on the biblical plot with a touch of irony bordering on cynicism. The first exhibit was held last year under the title "Adam Burying Eve". The second one is titled "Feats of Adam". To be fair, Adam is not portrayed performing any feats as such. He only plays with egg-shaped objects like a juggler handling balls. Yet he is not merely playing with objects, but rather with concepts best described using the expression "a horse with steel balls", or a person capable of standing up to adversity. It is no accident that Adam is not shown as a skinny, seducible young man, the way he is commonly portrayed in Christian tradition. Instead he appears before us as a powerful antique hero. We see a strong muscleman either weighing steel objects or just pondering on his strength.

Filmmaker: Dmitry Grishin
Camera: Dmitry Grishin 'n' Alexander Baskakov
Music: Marina Faib 'Little magic music box'

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