DOT•CHOTOMY is located at The Ohio State University, on the ramps of the The Knowlton School. This location designates itself as a significant architectural moment in the building where the ramps turn 180 degrees after cantilevering over the Tuttle Street sidewalk, creating an interaction between two very separate paths of circulation. This resulting experience, inside versus outside, serves as the inspiration for a double screened architectural installation that articulates a similar dichotomy. The final screen design was aided by Grasshopper’s ability to create custom color and intensity readings through the analyzation of images, which were then projected onto the subsurface. The two screens total in 96 square feet and are comprised of 2861 cocktail umbrellas covering 3588 patterned holes.

The forward screen, represented by the colorful cocktail parasols, corresponds to ideas of pop art and screen printing through its standardized modularity. Similar to the style of comic book printing, the units come in limited colors and sizes, but like a mosaic, when combined and dispersed across a surface, create a larger image constantly changing depending on the distance and angle of the view. This introducing a different experience each time it is viewed. The units combined create a fist punching, and the resulting, fragmented “POW!” - a pop art play on the architectural theoretical statement on how Knowlton Hall treats the corner, by blowing it out. By changing the radius of each unit, we were able to alter the saturation of each color, giving the image more depth.

On the reverse side is a halftone image of a Volkswagen Beetle, in both the side and front view, articulated through a series of perforations. We wanted both a simple and a universally recognized car to form a relationship with the street and pedestrian circulation adjacent to the corner. In order to make a relationship to the interior, the images of the car have been manipulated to seem as if it is crashing through the glazing.

Our hope is that this dichotomized screen can serve as a point of interest for visitors to The Knowlton School as well as a colorful inspiration for the dreary students to use a generally ignored section of the ramps.

"Fox Tales" by Koloto

Canon ELPH 300 HS + Sony NEX C3

iMovie '11

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