The concept of “Audio Cinema” is the complete opposite of ordinary cinema where viewers do not move around and are never spoken to directly. By using more audio information than visual information our interactive installation aims to involve the audience on a more imaginative level.

At first glance the setup of “Audio Cinema” is similar to a regular cinema, with red-cushioned chairs, dimmed lights, a blank screen and a movie projector with its distinctive rattling sound. However, by sitting on a chair a contact is triggered which leads to a movie quote, mainly questions and commands, being played. By changing seats, or even sitting down on the same seat again, more quotes can be heard. It does not matter how many people take part in the installation as one person can already create an interesting situation.

The mechanism behind this installation is hidden beneath the red cushions. It consists of two wires which are reinforced with aluminium foil and are separated by a bent piece of printing film. When a person sits down the printing film flattens, making the two wires touch and causing the contact. Each chair has its own set of wires which are then altogether connected to a breadboard, closing an electronic circuit. The breadboard is connected an Arduino computer which is then connected to computer via USB. By using the program Processing the physical input of touching chairs and the virtual output of playing quotes were programmed.

In collaboration with Erika Angerer and Alessandro Cortiglia.

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