All work is entirely my own from concept to completion, mostly done off-site from various locations around the world, unless stated below:

00:15 / Created for my homies Nice (niceonesteve.com) & Baked (bakedginger.com) as part of vimeo.com/63883066 (I got to watch that shit blow up live, crazy)

00:49 - 00:57 & 01:19 - 01:21 / Created in studio at allofus.com with Art Direction by Gemma Thomas.

01:10 / Original logo concept & design by Derek Clark (defaulterror.com), co-founder & Creative Director of Theme Cobra (themecobra.com ). First draft of the model by Nic Louw(niclouw.com).

01:13 / Bruno di Lucca - Creative Director (brunodilucca.com), Matias Alvarez (cargocollective.com/hellomattbox) - Illustrator / Art Director @ Saatchi & Saatchi UK. The real challenge here was taking flat illustrations and remodelling them in 3D, heaps of rad fun.

01:19 / Sweets modelled at blazing speed by the incredibly talented Mr Denis Bodart (feedmelight.com), hold that jaw.

01:26 - I was commisioned to create 4 videos on the theme of Biases in Psychology, due to time constraints I pulled in the help of super-duo Joëlle Turbo (behance.net/joellesnaith) & 500 Mills (behance.net/500mills) . Turbo worked on that scene.

01:28 - Model (& meisie), Miss Roxane Scudier (twitter.com/rcescudier), Directed by Mariana Conde (marianaconde.com), filmed and graded by yours truly.


I hacked the track together honky designer style, below are the artists I used, in order of appearance:

Bill Hicks, “Marketing & Advertising” .
DOOM as Viktor Vaughn, “Vaudeville Villain ”
Warpig, “Disco of Doom”
Billo´s Caracas Boys & Cheo Garcia, “La Pachanga”
Ponderosa Twins Plus One, “Bound” ( Seeing as though Kanye West was recently sued over this sample, I bought the original. )


Note: I do not specialise in 3D modelling, anything overly complex was either bought or out-sourced within my budget.


(✌゚∀゚)☞ Much thanks too all my friends, clients & design homies who gave me incredible feedback on the initial draft. It would be a pile of shit without them.



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