A breakdown of SHT02 from a 30 second Lenovo spot I composited at Digital Kitchen. This comp utilizes the MaxToFusion export script I wrote for 3dsMax that streamlines the process of exporting an FBX containing the scene camera, ground plane, keyframed objects, etc. As the compositor I also developed a few tools for auto-importing EXR passes and creating wireless links to pipe in the necessary EXR passes where necessary in the flow.

Final Spot:

Laptop 'Echo' Rig Demo:

MaxToFusion Script to bring the 3ds Max scene into Fusion for Compositing:

Digital Kitchen Credits:
CG Supervisor - Chad Ashley
Look Development - Chad Ashley
Modeling & Texturing - Justin Reed
Camera & Layout - Todd Kumpf
Rigging & Pipeline Development - Tim Little
Animation - Todd Kumpf
Lighting - Justin Reed
Compositing - Tim Little
Editor: Nate Pence
Producer: Julie Benevides

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