The Macdonald Center fosters the sacredness and dignity of all individuals, builds community by breaking down isolation through outreach and hospitality, and provides assisted-living for low-income residents in an urban setting.

Through service, education and research, the Macdonald Center raises public awareness about the challenging health and life issues faced by individuals who are homeless and poor. This work of the Macdonald Center is nourished by a faith tradition that identifies with those who are poor, isolated, and in need. We fulfill this mission by

A staple of the Macdonald Center's outreach efforts is our visiting program. Weekly, volunteers visit socially isolated individuals who live in single room occupancy hotels and in our own residence in downtown Portland. Lives are honored through hotel birthday parties and memorial services. Visits also take place in hospitals, the jails, and on the streets.

The Macdonald Center is a site for service education about the issues of poverty, social justice, mental illness, and community building. As university students and our volunteers learn and develop community-building skills, healthy relationships grow in the Old Town community.
Member Services

The Macdonald Center Member Services program manages money and provides personal care for people with physical disabilities, mental illness, addictions, or combinations of these. We care for these Members of our family for life by building strong relationships with them through advocacy, one-on-one conversation, and daily hospitality.

The Macdonald Center is also dedicated to researching the best and most effective ways to meet basic needs and deliver health care to those poor among us.
Assisted living

The Macdonald Center provides assisted living in an urban setting for low income residents who require help with the basic activities of daily living and who qualify for Medicaid reimbursement.
Our partners

St. Vincent de Paul Downtown Chapel provides clients with basic needs including emergency assistance, hygiene products, clothing and food as well as information, referral and advocacy.

St. Joseph the Worker seeks to help the homeless poor find meaningful employment.

Central City Concern provides low-income housing and assistance with detox and recovery.

Old Town Clinic offers medical services and emotional support.

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