FOX Sports Graphics Department brings its robot mascot Cleatus to Time Square for the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII open.

Keying off of the larger than life open for the NFL regular season open on FOX, the FOX Sports in-house Graphics Department used three main components for the Super Bowl XLVIII graphics package. Time Square, the Lombardi Trophy, and it's football mascot Cleatus.

After tapping the Collaborative Learning Center at Savannah's College of Art & Design for initial concepts, the in-house team at FOX Sports got to work designing and building a full CG version of Broadway from Time Square to Duffy Square in New York City including a three story monument to hold its Super Bowl XLVIII Lombardi Trophy and the FOX logo.

After the open animation was complete the in-house graphics team at FOX Sports used the open as a base to design and animate all of the additional elements that go into packaging a live sporting event like the Super Bowl.

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