The Prairie Diner is a 13 part half hour series that roams the Canadian prairies looking for gems of cuisine, culture and characters. Host Jody Peters is the Prairie Diner, and our guide to good food, great characters and in every spot – some question about the place, people or food that he wants to know.

The theme for the show is “Who knew?” Who knew there was a mustard festival in Regina, a testicle festival in Calgary, or Brazilian Pizza in Winnipeg? The Prairie Diner is a tasty journey of discovery.

Each episode will be in three segments, each featuring a specific experience. It could be a restaurant, festival, bakery or sweet shop. As long as it is off the beaten path, unusual and amazing, Jody Peters will try it out.

For each food experience Jody will introduce the place, the people and the food, and talk to customers about why they keep coming back. Fast cutting will make the show clip along between the creation and eating of the house speciality, and the responses of the customers, with extensive B-roll of the food and prep.

Each segment will have a narrative through line, as Jody explores a unique element of the story behind the place, people or food. What is a shmoo torte, and why did you invent it? How did a couple from Vibank and Oaxaca end up together and creating a legendary Mexican feast when neither was trained as a chef? Whose grandmother contributed the recipe for tapsilog and what was she like? And who picked the name “Pimp my Rice?” Jody is a friendly and genuinely curious guy, and each segment will integrate that curiosity and energy.

Each half hour program of The Prairie Diner will try to link the segments together either by theme, location or time, such as summer festivals. The program will be fast-paced, shot in HD and cut to original music. The Prairie Diner experience will be a ride into the unknown with Jody, to see who he meets, what he’ll try and what he’ll do next. At the water cooler the day after each show airs we want our audience to say: “who knew?” and “I want to try that”.

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