This is an excerpt from "Multiplicities: An Inter-arts Telematic Performance" (October 25, 2008). The performers are in two different cities, linked via Internet2 connections::

1. At the VisArts Black Box at UC San Diego, CA:
Mark Dresser, bass
Billy Mintz, drums
Nancy Ostrovsky, painter

2. In the Calit2 Auditorium, UC Irvine, CA:
Oguri, dance
Myra Melford, piano
Michael Dessen, trombone

There were live audiences in each site, but this video shows only the San Diego space (where Oguri appears on the screen).

Unfortunately this video documentation has poor sound and video quality, but this short excerpt gives an idea what the event was like. The audience was hearing high quality, uncompressed, low-latency audio from the remote sites, networked through the open source JackTrip software that has been developed at Stanford University. This excerpt is the final section of Telecantus, a piece I composed for this concert. The concert was all original music composed by Mark Dresser, Myra Melford and myself.

The "Multiplicities" concert was generously supported by many people. The credits from the program are below.

- Michael Dessen

San Diego production staff:
Local Directors - Joachim Gossmann and Mark Dresser
Local Audio - Nathan Brock
Network Audio - Michelle Daniels
Network Video - Jason Ponce
Video Camera - Paul Witterman

At UC San Diego, support for this performance comes from the UCSD Music Department and the UCSD
Visual Arts Department.

Irvine production staff:
Local Director: Michael Dessen
Local Audio and Network Audio - Joseph Wilbur, Tim Brown
Video Camera - Caryn Heilman
Network Video: Martin Jaroszewicz
Production Assistant - Christian Dubeau

At UC Irvine, support for this performance comes from the Gassmann Electronic Music Series, the
California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), and emptLab, the Embodied Media Performance Technology Lab.

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