A*Haul: Unauthorized mobile art installations by Betsy Zacsek and Juneer Kibria on Feb 1 as part of 2nd Floor Rear.
Artist includes: Megan Klames, Lynn Basa, Aya Nakamura, Gwendolyn Zabicki and Katie Waddell

A*Haul focuses on movement across the Chicago and across mundane personal nostalgia for Moving-Day’s past, combined with a touch of mischief and an element of chance to create unauthorized outdoor public art happenings and installations.
We literally transported five artists and their work in a converted U-Haul to locations that were unknown to them until we transported them.
After installing the work, we commemorate the site with a bottle of the 'Champagne of Beer' then leave the work behind so that Chicago will have its way with the art.

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