Quick tech demo of a Max for Live patch I've been developing to allow MLR-style chopping of clips in the Ableton Live session view. At this point the patch is basically in the proof-of-concept phase, but I think it nevertheless shows off the expressive power of Max for Live.

In this incarnation the patch only operates on clips in the first mixer track in Live. Playing a clip in the first track automatically maps that clip to a monome row (fixed at the third row in this demo), and allows you to use the monome buttons to chop the clip exactly as you would in MLR. Clip playback position indication and quantization are all slaved to Live's master tempo, and operate correctly independent of clip length. All audio playback and timestretching is still handled by Live's audio engine; the patch only manipulates playback position within the active clip.

There's significant work left to be done before this patch is performance worthy. On the immediate TODO list:

- Extend interaction from one Live track to the first eight tracks, mapping them to corresponding rows on the monome.

- Implement MLR-style sublooping per-row.

- Add pattern recorder(s).

- Bug fixes (of course).

On the longer-term TODO list:

- Generalize and extend the patch to support larger monomes (i.e. 128 / 256).

- Implement choke-groups.

- Add clip reverse (if possible).

Special thanks to Stretta ( stretta.blogspot.com/ ) for providing the monome community with his wonderful suite of Max for Live apps: the monome interfacing routines in this patch were pulled directly from one of his patches.


UPDATE: I've uploaded the rough patch to the monome forums- it's attached to my first post in this thread under username "two_masks":


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