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How are you? Not very well… I feel like I will never be well i'm under a dark cloud.

You’re not alone. Depression affect around 350 million people worldwide (1), but no two cases are exactly alike.

That’s why the general information regarding depression found in self-help books and on websites won`t necessarily help you in your situation

You need a solution to YOUR depression.

You and your healthcare professional can figure it out together.

The " Talking Progress" support programme can help. It can be used as an aid to help you and your doctor discuss, understand, and manage your depression.

The programme offers three tools specifically designed to help you understand your depression and to communicate with your healthcare professional.

The Physician Workbook contains possible topics to help stimulate dialogue between you and your doctor. Maybe you will find it on your healthcare professional’s desk.

The Patient Diary can help you reflect on how depression is impacting your life.You can use it to take notes, record you mood, write down your thoughts, and review everything at your next appointment with your doctor.

The Patient Mobile App gives you the opportunity to monitor your depression and treatment. The App contains background information about depression, a section for you to make notes and write down questions for your next appointment with your doctor. It also contains a mood diary and chart, some helpful reminders and a self-care section.

Start the road to recovery -- visit

(1) World Health Organisation, Depression, Fact sheet N°369, October 2012

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