Two powerful books:
1- Tetelestai- Walking in the Realities of the New Creation The apostle Paul had an understanding of the new creation like no other authors of the New Testament. What was passed on in the first Adam is now passed away in the last Adam! A revelation of the new creation in Christ will revolutionize your life. New creation realities will enable you to dominate the old creation, that is the old man. In this powerful book, Glenn Arekion unveils to you the power of the new man over the old man and the mindset of Paul by the understanding of,

The finished work of Christ
The curse of the law
The blessing of Abraham
The believer's position
The realities of the new creation
Break free from the fallen genetics of the first Adam passed down to the human race and live from your new identity in Christ. This book will enlighten your understanding to your position in Jesus Christ.
2- Receiving Direction From Above
Whatever is troubling you is not troubling God. Whatever is disturbing you is certainly not disturbing God. Why? Because God knows what to do about your problem. The reason why you are perturbed and troubled is due to the fact that you do not know what God knows. If you knew what he knew then you would be just like God. All cool, calm and collected. Having access to the voice of God is the right of every believer. He wants to speak to you. In this powerful book, you will discover the secret of receiving direction from above.This book is a must for you. Here's some of what you will learn in this powerful book
* How God speaks
* Why 'fleece' is not for the New Testament believer
*How God led the apostle Paul
*How to finetune your spirit man to pick up on the voice of God

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