I got some great feedback from Lukáš Hajka over on cgfeedback that this video doesn't do a great job explaining vray sampling settings - that's totally true, this is meant only as a workflow video for people that already have some sampling knowledge, and not as a full tutorial on sampling like Toni or Akin's tutorials which are linked below!

This is a run through of how I approach sampling in vray 2.4 starting with the anti-aliasing and working my way through the different aspects of a scene methodically, to try and get predictable and clean results.

Further Reading:

Toni Bratincevic - The original DMC explanation:

Svetlozar Draganov - Further clarifications on DMC:

A thread going through real world scenes:

Akin Bilgic - Really good written explanation of DMC:

Grant warwick - Material creation thread with sampling and speed for print tips

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