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So I recently spent a week in Istanbul. I was reluctant to use my iPhone 5 as a primary camera device, but I took the risk and it blew me away. I originally lost ALL this footage because I left my iPhone in the washer -_- ... stop judging me. I didn't realize it until I heard a banging in the dryer. I only cried for 11 days. Then someone told me to leave it in a bag of rice overnight, so I did -- and what'ya know, it worked. I always knew rice had magical powers... don't forget to subscribe! we think you're going to love our next video :)

My thoughts on Istanbul:
The city charmed me instantly. It's an amazing city because of how many cultures have ruled it over the centuries. The Greek/Roman architecture is still around. The Christian architecture is still around, and now the Islamic architecture. It is an odd blend of buildings, but the only place in the world you will witness it. And the cats. Cats EVERYWHERE -- the city is famous for them. Seen as a responsibility by locals, they yawn and stretch on roofs, walls, trees, street corners -- pretty much any sufficient surface they can find. Complimentary bowls of cat food lay outside most stores. Well-fed and content, they were an inescapable part of the city. The people were fantastic and I got the general feel of optimism from everyone. People dress well, even just to go for a walk. The things to do and see are endless, really. I love the call to prayer, the food, the art, alleys, markets, Turkish coffee, and hookahs of course :) It's a glorious blend of European and Mediterranean culture. You can just wander and find an endless supply of awesome things to see. Dammit, I must go back.

Songs used:
Unfolding Fans - Andrew Bird
Kantara - Kantara (Download the song for free here: kantaramusic.com/en/music.html)

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